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Vinegar vs. Lemon

While lemon and vinegar might seem like two completely different substances, they actually have a lot in common.

Both are acidic, for one thing, and both are used as cleaning agents and as flavoring agents in cooking.

Lemon is the more pungent of the two, with a strong citrus flavor that can be used to brighten up a dish.

Vinegar, on the other hand, has a more mellow flavor and can be used to add a bit of tanginess to a recipe.

Both lemon and vinegar can be used to clean surfaces and to remove stains. Lemon is probably better at cutting through grease, while vinegar is better at dissolving mineral deposits.

When it comes to cooking, lemon and vinegar can both be used to add flavor to a dish. Lemon is often used in desserts and baked goods, while vinegar can be used in savory dishes or to make a salad dressing.

So, while lemon and vinegar might seem like two very different things, they actually have quite a lot in common.

More Calories in Lemon

At first glance, you can see that in lemon is more calories than in vinegar.

Lemon has 29 kcal per 100g and vinegar 21 kcal per 100g so it is pretty easy to calculate that the difference is about 38%.

In lemon and in vinegar most calories came from carbs.

See tables below to compare lemon with vinegar in details.

Lemon And Vinegar Nutrition Difference

Vinegar vs Lemon: Vitamins and Minerals Comparison

per 100gLemonVinegar
Calories29 21
Carbohydrates9.32 g0.93 g
Calcium26 mg7 mg
Iron0.6 mg0.2 mg
Magnessium8 mg5 mg
Potassium138 mg73 mg
Sodium2 mg5 mg

More carbohydrates in lemon

In lemon is more carbohydrates than in vinegar.

There is 0.93g/100g of carbohydrates in vinegar and 9.32g/100g in lemon so let me do the math for you again - difference is about 902%.


  • Calories29
  • Carbohydrates9.32 g
Lemon calories per:
100g | ounce | single piece | cup | half cup

Calories source

  • 84% CARBS.
  • 10% PROTEIN
  • 6% FAT


  • Calories21
  • Carbohydrates0.93 g
Vinegar calories per:
100g | ounce | standard serving size | tablespoon | teaspoon | cup | half cup

Calories source

  • 100% CARBS
  • 0% PROTEIN
  • 0% FAT

Vitamins: vinegar vs lemon

    Minerals: lemon vs vinegar

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