Vegan diet - is it healthy or not?

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Vegan diet - is it healthy or not?

A few years ago, the vegan diet was controversial.

But today it is promoted by celebrities, as well as by media for being very healthy.

Health benefits of restrictions on the consumption of meat, milk and similar products of animal origin are more and more recognized.

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What you can eat on vegan diet and what is forbidden

The vegan diet eliminates all food products of animal origin.

Therefore, you can not eat meat, fish, seafood, milk and dairy products, eggs or animal fats.

You can eat vegetables and fruits, all cereal products, nuts and seeds, pods, vegetable oils. You can also eat vegetable milk, vegetable yoghurts and vegetable cheeses or ready-made vegan products.

The last ones are constantly arriving on store shelves.

Vegan diet is not monotonous or difficult to compose, it is also very tasty and often surprising.

Common Nutrient Deficiencies In The Vegan Diet

Supporters of the traditional diet accuse the vegan diet of the risk of deficiency of iron, protein or calcium.

However, in the opinion of experts, a properly composed vegan diet is healthy at every stage of life, including pregnant women, babies and young children.

So what is the concept of proper balancing a vegan diet?

The basis is diversity. If we eat different types of nuts and pods, we provide the body with all the amino acids.

If we include large quantities of green leafy vegetables in the diet and consume them with the sources of vitamin C - we will take care of the adequate supply of iron.

When you add poppy seeds to oats, cocktails or baked goods - we provide the body with large amounts of perfectly absorbable calcium.

Vegan diet benefits

Vegan diet is based on consuming large amounts of fruits and vegetables, therefore it provides a lot of fiber and a lot of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Antioxidants are the strongest weapon in the fight against aging of the body, diabetes, atherosclerosis or cancer.

The only necessary supplementation is this vitamin B12.

By eliminating the consumption of zoonotic products, the vegan diet does not provide cholesterol and unhealthy fatty acids, which will be appreciated by people suffering from hypercholesterolemia or atherosclerosis, and therefore at risk of heart attack.

Veganism is an excellent prevention of colon cancer and other cancers, it helps cleanse the body of toxins, it helps maintain a healthy body weight.

Veganism is therefore very healthy - if you take care of a varied diet.

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