How to calculate calories in recipe?

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How to calculate calories in recipe?

If you want to keep your current weight or even lose a little bit, no wonder you'd like to know how to calculate calories in a recipe.

If you want to keep it simple - you can use one of the calculators or databeses available online.

However, if you're interested in caloric contribution of individual ingredients in a dish, you can also count it for yourself. How to do it?

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How to calculate calories in recipe in a simple way?

The simplest way to count calories is just to use a ready to use online calories calculator. It is the easiest way.

If you're using a regular cookbook, in most of them there are given the amounts of calories you will consume.

Be aware, that every variation from the original recipe (i.e. using different type of meat or cream instead of plain yogurt) will affect the number of calories.

Also, keep track of what you drink, if you want to have a full view of the amount of calories eaten a day.

Basic example

Let's say you've prepared a portion of rice with chicken and pienapple.

100g of regular rice holds around 130 kcal. Then, you have to determine how much chicken you used in the recipe (you can use a kitchen scale for that) and do the same for pineapple.

This way - you can calculate the amount of calories in a single dish. However, keep in mind, that different types of cooking might affect this number.

Also, every ingredient counts - including the oils, sweeteners and spices.

You need to sum up everything and - if you prepared more than one portion - divide the result by number of dishes served.

Read labels

For many food products, the labels contain a detailed information about the amount of calories it holds.

What is more, for most of them - there is also a calculation for a single portion (usually using grams).

Thanks to that, it's quite easy to count, how many calories does your food have.

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