Garbanzo beans vs chickpeas - is it the same?

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Garbanzo beans vs chickpeas - is it the same?

If you are wondering, whether garbanzo beans and chickpeas are synonymous words, then you are in the perfect place to find out.


Garbanzo beans and chickpeas - is this the same thing?

The shortest answer to this question is yes.

Both of those words are describing an annual legume, coming from the family Fabaceae.

What is more, this plant has even more names, such as Egyptian pea, Bengal gram or just gram.

The plant is a well known and the most important ingredient of chana masala or hummus and can be also used for flour prepared in order to make falafel.

Why does it have so many names?

When it comes to the title words, the explanation is pretty simple: garbanzo is a Spanish name for this plant, while chickpeas originate from England.

The latter comes from French "pois ciche", which was invented by the French on the basis of a fragment of the Latin name of this plant - 'cicer'.

Health benefits of eating chickpeas

The plant is an amazing food for those, who want to keep their healthy weight or even lose some of it.

It makes you feel full, so you don't want to eat another meal. What is more, the chickpeasĀ have low glicemic index and can be helpful when it comes to managing blood sugar level.

As you can see, those tiny, inconspicuous grains are really good for you. Try them and you will love the way it tastes!

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