Food with surprisingly high amount of calories

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Food with surprisingly high amount of calories

Have you ever wondered, how many calories your food contains? There are some types of dishes, which were destined to be full of those and some - that are supposed to be low in calories. However, there are some foods, that will surprise you with the amount of cal it holds. What are those?

Healthy doesn't mean dietetic

First of all, keep in mind, that even though some foods on this list have a lot of calories, they are still good for you. They have a high nutritional value - thout, of course, not all of them.

This list was designed to show you, that some foods are more caloric than you might think.

Also, it can help you lose weight - if you weren't aware about the calorific value of your food.


That's a surprise, right? Smoothies are a part of many diets, so they are usually considered low in calories by most of people.

However, the food types we usually use to prepare them, are high in calories.

Don't be afraid to eat smoothies though: you get a lot of nutrients from them.

Coffee drinks

If you want to cut the amount of calories you consume, it might be also a good idea to remove some coffee drinks from your menu. Don't be afraid to drink the dark type: if anything, the caffeine in it can boost your metabolism.

A coffee with cream/milk and sugar - that's another story. Lattes or so called white coffees shouldn't be a regular part of your diet if you want to lose weight.

The additions, such as syrups, sugar or cream are high in calories with no nutritious contribution for your body.


It's well know for its omega fatty acid content. It's true, but you should also be aware, that it's caloric.

It doesn't necessarily mean you should avoid it - just don't use it everyday, especially if you are on a reduction diet.

Seeds and nuts

They are so small and it seems they hold no calories, right? Nevertheless, all of those hold a lot of fat, which is highly caloric.

Don't be scared, though: you can still eat them, as those calories are healthy.

If you feel like eating those, just do. However, we know you might want to cut short come calories. Thus - try portioning them instead of sprinkle over the dish without thinking.

Be aware, that nuts means also peanut butter of any kind!

Coconut oil

In theory, all oils are fattening. But the coconut oil has a lot of saturated oils, which might not be the best for your health.

Even though this type of oil is really tasty, try to cut the usage of it short.

Frozen yogurt

Have you ever treated yourself with a frozen yogurt, thinking you're actually being dietetic?

Sadly, they hold a lot of calories. Still, it's a better choice than milk shakes from fast food restaurant - so if you feel like eating one of those, better replace it with a frozen yogurt.

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