Boiling, frying, steaming or grilling - how cooking affects calories?

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Boiling, frying, steaming or grilling - how cooking affects calories?

There are various ways to prepare food. Some people prefer the paleo diet, which is a type of diet, in which you don't subject the food to any sort of thermal treatment.

Even though this type of eating might have its advantages, many people can't or don't want to eat this way.

That's why it's really important to know, how different types of cooking affect calories in the foods we eat as well as the nutritional value of it.

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Boiling - the effect on food

Boiling is a process, in which we put our food in water (warm or cold, depending on the recipe) and simply wait until it's cooked.

Even though this type of preparing meals doesn't severely affect the number of calories in your food - ithas a bad effect on the nutritional value of it.

If you can avoid preparing food in boiling water - do it. Instead, you can use steaming.

Steaming - a better way to prepare food

SteamingĀ is a way of preparing meals using boiling water - but without putting your food in it.

Instead, meat and vegetables are safely placed in a special pot-strainer and its getting cooked by the hot steam.

This way of preparing meals can be beneficial for your food when it comes to calories, as the fat (i.e. in meat) melts.

Frying - good or bad?

Frying can make your food much more caloric in comparison to other mentioned methods.

If you use too much oil (and, let's be honest, we all do) - it gets into your food and makes it more difficult to digest, but also less dietary.

Grilling - an improved frying?

Grilling on a special pan or electric grill can be really beneficialfor your food.

It melts the fat in meat and at the same time - while it offers a really good taste - it's not stodgy.

It's not as good for the nutritional value of your meals as steaming, but still - doesn't do as much damage as other cooking methods.

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